Expanding Your LBU Client Base Is Your No:1 Priority

The evolution of a Corporate Department is fairly predictable: Initial enthusiasm and widespread activity turns into a narrow focus and reliance on a just few core accounts and broker business. The reason is simple.

The new talent you put into the role works their socks of to make an early impression with lots of calls and meetings with local business users (LBU). Their activity wins a few accounts and then they find the big one and start getting incoming enquiries from brokers (who are stealing your retail business anyway). Their focus is on the bright light and easy enquiry kills you margins in the way it kills mosquitos in a Hong Kong kitchen.

Continued dependence means you have a sales team addicted to email waiting for big business and low margins instead of a motivated force reaching out to take advantage of your local business footprint. The problem is with the “few big accounts” strategy is that one day the whole lot can go at once leaving you with the brokers who damage your retail sales anyway. If this is your Corporate Department do not despair. It doesn’t have to be like that.

That was the situation a large player in the West found themselves in when 2 of their large accounts gave news that they were being acquired or merged would be bound by other agreements leaving the dealer facing a 90% drop in volume in corporate sales. They looked to TALENTStream for help. In just 6-months, the existing corporate team in the business, with the help and direction from a TALENTStream Corporate Consultant turned 4 Active Trading Accounts into 42 replacing and exceeding the “to be lost” volume from the “few big accounts”.

The principle that turned the whole situation around for this premium dealer is called “The Visibility Principle” that drives TALENTStream’s Business Visibility™ product. Simply put, it identifies and schedules every business user car being changed in a market and designs activity and develops the skills and confidence to access it. BUsiness Visibility™ has proven results in a premium manufacturer and has 10 years of data that supports the effectiveness of the programme.

To find out more about how Business Visibility can grow you client base at manufacturer and dealer group level, plus improve margins and secure your place in the Corporate & Fleet Sales market, contact TALENTStream and ask about Business Visibility™.

For more information, contact Jon at TALENTStream.
T. (+44) 1423 700210

Click for more about 'BUSINESS Visibility'
Click for more about ‘BUSINESS Visibility’
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