BUV® The Metric That Means Something To Everyone

BUV® is the first universal system for the Automotive sector to measure the whole business, from Manufacturer to Sales Executive, with a single effective metric.

We developed BUV® because we know that the Automotive sector will benefit from more consistent levels of sales which will ease stresses on production, distribution and ultimately, customer satisfaction and loyalty. As experienced managers within manufacturers and with literally 100,000’s of hours experience in dealers, we know the business intimately and we know how it can save millions of pounds in the UK market alone and 100’s of millions around the globe while driving record sales volumes and new levels of customer satisfaction and delight. BUV® is our response to this opportunity.

Firstly, whatever business you are in, you want to know the size of the opportunity and your ability to realise it. The opportunity is easy but the ability to realise it, in sales terms at least, is more difficult. How many spreadsheets have you put together to show how much you’ll make if you sell Y only to find you only sold F and had to change your plans. BUV® is to car sales what the size of a shovel is to digging holes. It tells you exactly what you are producing and what can be achieved using data from the selling face of the business.

We know you have copious amounts of data in the business and we also know that you cut it all kinds of ways to try and make sense of it. Sometimes it must feel like paralysis by analysis. There are composites of composites and KPI on the number of KPI’s. Salesmen count commission while Sales Mangers count cars as the Area Manager looks desperately at who can take more this quarter. The CRM teams recommend cleansing the database one more time, wondering why retention and loyalty are so low while Marketing find creative ways of showing data to justify their campaigns and the Training Academy compile a happy sheet of happy sheets. Meanwhile, Germany want volume commitments for 2014/15.

Imagine a single metric that has validity from the Salesman to Germany or any other country for that matter. A metric that means something to everybody and can be used to strategically shape the business from head to toe. BUV® is that metric.
It is simple. It uses 2 core elements of verifiable data input, is completely objective in analysis and provides past and future trend information for individuals, sites, areas, groups, territories and manufacturers. It can measure the impact of everything micro and macro. From an individual manager to a nationwide advertising campaign. From a single salesman’s attendance at training to the effectiveness of a field team. One metric that delivers complete control of a network.

BUV® is wholly developed by TALENTStream Ltd. and available in the UK now and globally from 2014.

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