BUV® by TALENTStream – A Single Performance Metric To Drive Automotive Sales

Imagine a simple weekly report that had the potential to improve your sales and told you exactly how to do it. With BUV® that’s what you get. Based on 100% fact, using just two, wholly verifiable pieces of input data. A report that will motivate your team, identify areas of growth and inform your decision on what is truly possible and exactly what’s required. Now, imagine all this for less than the cost of the average dealership’s weekly coffee bill.

TALENTStream is an organisation that believes in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. One area we have been focussing on is measuring true performance. Creating a universal measurement that provides you with vital information on how your business is performing. A single metric that delivers accurate feedback to the Sales Executive on the front line and strategic planning information to the Chairman of the Board of the Manufacturer and yet has complete and utter relevance to every stakeholder.

What we have created is BUV® : The first universal system for the automotive sector, to measure the whole business with a single effective metric. It is the result of thinking differently.

We originally developed BUV® to solve our own problem of identifying ROI on the training we delivered and quickly realised that the metric we uncovered can drive the whole industry. Everyone recognises that more consistent sales in the Automotive sector would deliver a host of benefits; reducing stresses on production, distribution & stocking, levelling pricing, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, all things that have an impact on profit. What we found was that BUV® delivers consistency in sales, pushing the peaks and filling the troughs of performance by having a dramatic behavioural impact on sales teams and managers.

The benefits extend beyond sales. For example BUV® gives you immediate and accurate feedback on how your team’s actions, whether in Marketing, in the Field or in Training, affects sales and how every individual Sales Executive, Manager and Leader in the network is performing. So whether you are a Marketing Manager who has implemented a new campaign, a Sales Manager who has turned up the pressure, a Trainer who has delivered a new sales programme, a HR manager looking to recruit new sales staff then BUV® provides a true measure of your performance.

Our experience of manufacturers and groups leaves us in no doubt that you have data coming out of your ears … but what is it telling you and how is it used? Is it the same metric you all understand or is everyone looking at different KPI and interpreting in different ways? Does your information tell you what had a real effect on your sales? Does it tell you what you can realistically expect your business to deliver over the next 12 months? Does it tell you how you could improve your business, or what real action you could take now to increase sales?

Imagine a single metric that has validity from the Salesman to the Manufacturer. A metric that means something to everybody and can be used motivationally, strategically, globally and can shape the business from top to bottom. BUV® is that metric.

BUV® has been developed solely by TALENTStream Ltd. and is available in the UK now and globally from 2014. For more information contact john.martin@talentstreamuk.com.

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