Are Your Clients Just “Satisfied” or Truly “Loyal”

We love the work of Jeffery Gitomer, the US Sales guru. He’s funny, smart and most importantly, he hits the mark with powerful and simple sales messages.

Something that illustrates this perfectly is Jeffery’s approach to the difference between Satisfaction and Loyalty. At his events, he selects a married member of the audience and asks:

“Tell me, do you want your partner to be SATISFIED or LOYAL”

The place erupts with laughter, but like all Jeffreys work, the point is made. It is true, anyone can satisfy but you are loyal to one. This means that satisfaction alone is not enough, we need to be working on “Loyalty”.

So when you endlessly ask “were you completely satisfied” it is just the beginning because…the best measure of SATISFACTION is the REPURCHASE DECISION Winning loyalty like this is dependent on a high degree of co-operation throughout the business. You need to deliver the right touch at the right time to ensure maximum yield through Sales, Parts, Service and Finance. When you maintain contact and serve through the entire ownership cycle then you retain the client, the business and the profit.

That is the true loyalty bonus and satisfaction is just a part of it. For more on the ONE Customer Experience for Loyalty contact TALENTStream.

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Click for more about ‘ONE’

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